Monday, August 27, 2012

The Great Interfacing Fiasco

Last week when I was wrestling with the gold points around the black box, a couple of readers suggested I use some iron-on interfacing on the gold fabric.

So I drove out to the sewing store and bought some.  I brought it home only to discover it wasn't iron-on. (ARGH!!)  I went rummaging around the closet and found some. It was a little stiffer that what I wanted, but I knew it would work.  So I read all the instructions and ironed it to a big chunk of the gold fabric.  It looked great. Then I picked it up - or rather ATTEMPTED to lift it up from the ironing table. It did not move.  It was stuck!
Yup, the gold fabric was SO THIN the adhesive went straight through it, and adhered to the top of the ironing table. I had to lift hard to peel the stuff off, which ruined both the gold fabric and my ironing table.


Fortunately I had bought some of the silver ironing board cover fabric a few weeks ago, so after I got over being so pissed off, I recovered the ironing board yesterday.

It is safe to say the slippery gold fabric has met an untimely demise.


Judith said...

DEAR ME, YOU DID HAVE A LOT OF TROUBLE THERE. But just look, you have a lovely new ironing cover now

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh no! That was a huge frustration....all that effort just for a new ironing board cover!!

Queenie Believe said...

Curses to the gold fabric and dastardly iron-on interfacing!... Well at least you got a new ironing table cover.
Have a better day.
Always, Queenie

Susan said...

Argh is right, but the new ironing board cover looks great! ;o)