Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Exquisite Tute

OK quilt fans, here's a tutorial on making the Exquisite, wonky style.  What's an Exquisite?
You start by cutting squares of whatever color you want for the "background." Here it is white.
This particular quilt is going to be gigantic, so there are over 700 4-1/2" white squares. The baby quilt (above had squares that started about 4"). Next, you need to cut some triangles, or use scraps. The quilt I am making now is blue and white, so lots and lots of blue triangles.
I just cut a lot of 4-1/2" squares and then sliced them diagonally. (I stacked about 6 layers of fabric for this.)
Then sew the triangles to the squares.
You have to make sure that when you fold it over, the colored piece covers the white square.
Then you trim. This part is tedious. I suggest "watching" TV at the same time.
Next you trim away the excess BACKGROUND fabric (the white).


When you have as many blocks as you need, sew them up

Have fun!


gardenpat said...

Is there an exact placement "line" for the triangles or is it just an approximate spacing ? I love it!!!!

Millie said...

Pat, no special placement line. Just be sure your seam is straight. Otherwise, "wing it." This makes irregular stars, but I think the quilt is more lively and a lot more fun.

Colleen said...

I love the fact that all the triangles are not the exact same!! This would make it go so much faster, hehehe. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I might do this one with some kids novelty in the middle and the same fabric for the triangles for an ispy quilt, hmmmmmmmm. LOL.

Pierro said...

LOVE it, and I am going to print this page out and put it in my quilting notebook.
I want to try this. I am still just a beginner but I can do this.
This is a great idea for all of those colored bits we save, the favorite ones -- now made into a big remembering what I made with that fabric quilt.

woo hoo thank you lots and tons

Elaine M said...

Yummy quilt! Thanks for the tutorial.

Pierro said...

Oh I hope you do not mind that I print this out....
I just read your sidebar, and now, ooops.
I do not want to do something you would not want.
I will not share it with anyone
if that is your concern


Queenie Believe said...

Wonderful tutorial, and lovely quilt.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Quiltdivajulie said...

The Exquisite has been on my "list" for a long time . . . thanks for sharing the tutorial!! One of these days!

Anonymous said...

Lynne -

I have been a fan of yours for several years now. LOVE everything you make. Just one question... where do the squares with just one triangle go? Am I just not getting it?


Lynda said...

I love the multicoloured Exquisite. The blue one will be stunning, but it will take some patience to put it together!