Friday, June 22, 2012


I am ready for my class on free-pieced letters tomorrow at Quilted Threads. My house looks funny. There are lots of empty walls in my house. The quilts are all stacked on this small chair.

The bin is full of the tools I'll need, my samples and the lesson plan, etc.  Yes, that is a tack hammer.  I hang my quilts for the class, (using push pins and binder clips) and it's easier to use a hammer to get the push pins into the wall. 

I'll also have my laptop and a projector. I always show my students photographs of letter quilts made by quilters all over the world, and I do (blush) have a Power Point presentation of basic free pieced letter construction.  I also have all my photographs on my Kindle Fire so I can show students close up as I move around the room.

I am very excited. Stay tuned!  I'll have photos!


Clare said...

Best of luck!

Judy in Michigan said...

You are one fine teacher!! BTW, how do you hang your quilts in your home? Good luck tomorrow!