Sunday, April 15, 2012

WGO - What's Going On

There hasn't been much going on in my studio lately, but that doesn't mean I've been sitting around doing nothing.

I have been sitting around, but I've been busy.  I've been having problems with my computer for some time, so after I got back from my vacation, I ordered a new one, and spent about a week setting it up. Instead of a desktop machine, I bought a laptop.  I also bought a docking station, so I could use it with the big monitor and the standard keyboard and mouse.  My old printer wouldn't connect, so that was replaced too.  You all know how time-consuming it is to set up a new computer and  move the files and programs from one to the other!

I finished the Red Sticks quilt and sent that to Chris for quilting.  Now I've got to clean the studio.  I've promised to make a few small items for family and friends, so I want to make those. I'm going to make a little case for my sister's Kindle, and I want to make another dress for Sweetbean.

The biggest To-Do on my list is preparing the House and Trees Class I'll be teaching at Quilted Threads on May 5th.  I have been sitting on the couch, with the laptop on my lap and Millie curled up nearby working on this. I've got the slideshow of house quilts ready. I've prepared the supply list and the work schedule for the day.  I've created the tree tutorial handout, and now I am working on the one for the houses.

And, um, I went clothes shopping.


Judy in Michigan said...

Sounds like a very productive week, imho. Computers are great but they do take a lot of TLC and the job of moving files and programs is monumental. Good for you to get that done! Do I see Christopher Banks bags??? Have a good week.

Jean said...

Getting ready for class is a lot of work!They will enjoy it, that's for sure!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the WGO blog post title . . . gonna "steal like an artist" and borrow that one!

Megan said...

Breaking in a new computer, preparing teaching materials and buying clothes - yucko to all of those things, I say! Sitting on the couch with Millie - yaaaay!

Sydney, Australia