Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House Work

When I plan my houses, I always lay the fabrics on my worktable in the places I will use them. So here, the blue is the sky/background, the yellow is the body of the house, and the rest of the colors are windows, doors, chimney, tree, etc.  After I get to this stage, I try to make sure my fabrics aren't too much the same. I go back and make sure I have fabrics with prints of different sizes (all blender types would be too boring / predictable / bland also).
But then I happened to look over to see that awesome green I bought on Sunday and I thought, well what the hell... let's go for it.  So I started moving fabrics around to see how far I could push this?

The only fabrics that are the same in both designs are the background, the roof and one window.

I am in the process of making step-by-step demo pieces for my class at Quilted Threads next week.  There's one space left.  Will you fill it?


Terri said...

I live in CA... so I can't take your class. But I did love the auditions. I do love a mellow yellow house. There aren't many of them here.

Jean said...

I love the houses...I need to try these soon. That green ovally piece is perfect as a tree!

Clare said...

I saw your post on my Fav's list on my blog and my immediate reaction was "that house is wearing sunglasses"! Not only that but looking at it, its also got a thatched roof.

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been a bit busy, but back now.

Cherie in St Louis said...

I love the tree fabric. It was meant to be :)

Rachel said...

I would so love to attend your class!! Unfortunately the budget is tight this month, so I can't afford it, but I hope you have loads of fun!! Keep us updated when you schedule another class, I really want to go one of these days!

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