Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's the Pits!


These are two four pound bags of cherry pits. As many of you know, I have arthritis in my spine.  When it really hurts I use a heating pad to help relax the muscles in my back.  Except it's not a heating pad, it's a fabric bag filled with cherry pits. (I kid you not.)  It works like a charm.  But the one I had was a little big and I wanted a smaller one, so I did a search and found  The Cherry Pit Store.
What I did NOT know is these pads can be chilled also.  When I was visiting my Maryland family, my friend pulled one out of the freezer for me.  OH!  So I ordered a couple of bags of cherry pits.

I estimated the size of the bag I wanted to make, and cut a piece of fabric 8-1/2" x 17".

I folded it in half with the right sides together, sewed up the sides.

 I weighed out a pound of the cherry pits, then put them in the bag, and sewed up the last side.
This blue one will live in the freezer.  I'll make a red pad about the same size to use when I want a hot pad.To use a hot pad, I'll just put it in the microwave for two minutes.


LesQuilts said...

So you can just heat them in the microwave or does your body heat make the pits heat up for your body?
These sound like something I can use for my neck!
Thanks, take care, Leslie

Helen said...


I've made rice bags (and used them the way you use your "pit bags").

I had no idea that cherry pits were sold for this purpose (and who knows what else)!!

Glad these bags help your back. I have arthritis (in many of my body) and it sure does hurt...sometimes more than other times.

Derby, Ducky said...

We have some with soybeans inside we think.

Elaine M said...

Thanks for the info about the cherry pits. I have used feed corn for heating pads 5x20. Good size around the neck, sew it in 4 sections so corn stays distributed. Think I will order some cherry pits.

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE the fabric you used! And I think I, too, shall invest in some of these cherry pits. Thanks for sharing!

Vicky F said...

I never knew the pits were for sale! I purchased neck warmers/coolers with cherry pits for gifts in the past. They smell pleasantly like cherries when warmed.
Thanks for the link.
Vicky F

Peggy said...

Love this idea for presents!!!

Jean said...

I have never used one with cherry pits but I have some with rice inside that I rely on. Great job!

Susan R said...

Thanks Lynne for the cherry pits info! I too have arthritis in the lower spine and this sounds like a safe and easy way of easing the pain. I love the ice remedy too. My heal pain will love it!

Gosh, aging isn't for sissies!


Sheila said...

Who ever knew you could buy cherry pits. I love the idea of blue for the cold, red for hot, thanks for sharing.