Monday, November 28, 2011

Quilting Friends

People who don't read blogs just don't get it. When I tell people about the friends I've made all over the world through the internet, they look at me like I have three heads. 

My story may not be all that unique, but still...

I adopted a cat the internet had rescued, (Millie, the famous cat!) We've made friends all over the world, and she brought me a new family (Monty! Violette, Devon! Tracey!!) My quilting life is directly a result from my blogging (I found Tonya!).  I've met even more great pals all over the world.  Heck, I traded quilts with a friend over 14,000 miles away (Helen!) I sold a couple of kitty quilts to a quilter in Tennessee (Julie) who hooked me up with a longarm quilter (Chris) who now quilts all my quilts.

It's really pretty amazing.  I knew when I asked for help yesterday that you, my quilting pals, would help me find a new sewing machine. I just didn't expect a phone call with an offer!

About a year ago, when I was working on No Rules for Julie, I drove about 30 miles to meet Yvonne. She had made a spectacular wonky log cabin quilt and had used free pieced letters on the borders. We spent a lovely afternoon together looking at quilts and talking about this, that and the other.

I certainly didn't expect to hear from her yesterday morning offering me her third machine to borrow as long as I needed, and that I could buy it for my budget if I liked it. Well knock me over with a feather! Then I thought about it. We quilters are friends even though we may not have met in person.  We ask for help, and we offer each other insights, and we share the things we find.

I did make the drive over to Yvonne's house, and she had the sewing machine all set up for me.  She gave me a few pointers, and after we visited a while, I brought it home and set it up.

It is -everything- I could ever have wanted. It's a Brother Innov-is NX 450Q. It has a needle threader, it cuts off the thread, it's quiet, it has great tension, and a nice deep "throat."

I think I'm in love.

And I -know- I'm lucky - as we all are, to be a part of this wonderful online community!


Clare said...

Blogging and quilting friends really are the best.

You're not going to believe this, but I was going to suggest that machine. I've seen it in operation and if I had the budget I'd buy it. In the meantime I'm sticking with my vintage machines.

Sharon said...

Isn't it awesome how some things just work out? That is so wonderful! What a sweetie Yvonne is!

And you're right - those who don't blog really don't "get it". Our secret, I guess.

quilthexle said...

What a lovely story - and a great outcome! Have FUN with your new sewing machine ;-)) quilty friends are just the BEST !!

Tangos Treasures said...

It is awesome isn't it!!! Love that machine! Bummer on yours:(

Quiltdivajulie said...


I agree about our internet-enabled community and how we are there for each other in times of need or distress or joy or celebration.

Doing the happy dance for you!!!

And hoping Yvonne feels the love from all of us for making that phone call to you!

Yvonne said...

I am feeling it. :)

ladibug said...

happy to hear you have a new machine and friend, i am with Quiltdivejulie.

The Happy dance has begun

ladibug said...

happy to hear you have a new machine and friend, i am with Quiltdivejulie.

The Happy dance has begun

sawsan said...

The friend to keep, I am happy 4 u

Helen said...

Lynne! I'm a bit slow off the mark, but I have just realized we have EXACTLY the same machine!!!! How cool is that?!! I followed a few blog posts to get to this one, your studio is looking awesome!! x