Saturday, October 15, 2011


My class at Quilted Threads isn't until next week, but I am ready.
 I've got the lesson plan all set. (The first exercise will be the student's name.) I have my samples ready, I've made each of the projects I will ask the students to do. I have a few demo examples (how I make a really skinny element look nice and straight, for example), and I have a lot of my "misfit" letters.

I folded all the quilts I was bringing and stacked them up so I knew two things: 1. how long it would take me to get them ready; and 2. how much space they would occupy.  As soon as I took this picture, I unfolded the quilts, put them all back where they belong (on the walls, on the bed, over the back of the couch...) I am debating if I will even fold them up the night before or if I should do it in the morning before the class.

I'm bringing my laptop and a small projector, so I can project images on the wall so all the students can see.  We'll be having lunch together so we can talk, and I can show them photos of letter quilts from quilters all over the world. I'll also be able to access the internet, so you can bet we will be visiting quilting blogs!

It's going to be exciting.

Why am I ready a week early?  Because I'm a geek, and next week at work we are upgrading our ERP system, moving the software and data to a new server and a new database engine; upgrading our accounting software; and moving from one version of Citrix to another (which is also on a different server.) In short, it's going to be an extremely intense, stressful work week next week.

So if you don't hear from me much, you'll know why.  Yes, I do plan to take photos during the class, and I'll tell you all about it! 


Quilter Kathy said...

Why does your job require you to do all that work when you have this amazing quilt class coming up?!? They should give you the week off (with pay, of course!)!!!
It sounds like so much fun and I just wish I lived closer so I could attend. Have a great time!

Judith said...

I would say that you are all set for the class. Looks like your going to have a great time. It also looks like a busy time for you at work too.

Jean said...

Looks like you are your class will be great!!!

Judy in Michigan said...

I'm impressed!! Can't wait to hear reports from the class!

Anonymous said...

I am excited for you, this sounds like it is going to be so fun! With you as the teacher, I KNOW it will be fun!


KQ Sue said...

Oooo names that could be a rough start.
I have a friend named Anastasia, makes me to just be a Sue.
I have had a blast making word blocks for a Holiday block swap I am in.