Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can You See It?

Here they are...all three Rules quilts. You should be able to see what is consistent about them.

Look, in particular, at the word "Fun" in each of these three quilts. Compare the word "FUN" to the other letters.

Not too much difference, is there? The "font" is the same, just the use of fabric, and the placement of the letters distinguish "FUN" from the other words. One of the things that makes these quilts work (for me) is the particular use of the font, the rhythm of the letters and their negative spaces. You see that most in Helen's quilt (the yellow and red-orange one), and it shows up strongly because of the limited selection of colors.

We keep hearing that we have to think "outside the box," but really, the answer to my problem was to get back into it. I had to go back to remember my original plan for this quilt. In my efforts to make this quilt different from the first three Rules quilts (which are each over a thousand miles away from me), I think I got derailed from my original idea.

The word FUN on my White Rules quilt will follow the lead of the first three, but I do not consider my failed efforts a waste of time or fabric. I think we learn more from our failures than we do our successes, and if we never experiment, our work gets stale and boring.


Quiltdivajulie said...


Well said (and shown).

Tonya Ricucci said...

love all the quilts (interesting to see the progression of butterfly additions) although of course mine is best ;-) agree with your final paragraph. Besides, I think you could make a great quilt that just says FUN with those beautiful letters. or a whole block in the next orphan quilt. or my next letter orphan quilt ;-)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

All of the experimentation is terrific to study. I love them all but am especially fond of the "fun, fun, fun" version. Is that your final choice? Love, love, love it!!