Monday, August 23, 2010

Quilt Show

The Mancuso Quilt Show was in town this weekend. It was raining Sunday afternoon, so I checked it out. Mostly I was amazed at the incredible complexity and outstanding longarm quilting. These are three of my favorites.This one (above) is from New Zealand, and was raw edge applique. The small circles in the center are about 1" across.I think this one (above) is from the United Kingdom. Pretty amazing colors, and look at those points! All paper-pieced.This one was made by two ladies, I think from California. Pretty amazing color layout, and the quilting was pretty cool, too.


Sherry said...

Very cool. Can you ever think of doing one like those. Lots of hours and more hours. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

The one on top is my favorite, just amazing! Looks like a really wonderful show!

Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

Enjoyed the pictures.