Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Chessboards

Japanese Fans. Can White Mate?

I actually bought a set of Chess pieces with red and white to use on this chessboard. And while it looks crazy, it is a very playable board.

I loved this Martini fabric, and used the colors in it as inspiration for the Chessboard.

Sunflower Chessboard. I was surprised to find that a strong contrast between light and dark was not necessary in the design of a successful Chessboard.

Under the Sea. My son designed this Chessboard. He selected all the fabrics, and supervised the arrangement of the fish in the outer borders.

All these chessboards have 2-1/4" finished squares, The inner border is 1/2" finished, and the outer border is about 3-1/2". The chessboards have a denim filling, to keep them smooth, but stiff enough to be playable. They are machine quilted (in the ditch) and the binding is hand sewn. The fabrics are all 100% cotton.

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Mickey's Musings said...

Those are great chessboard quilts!!
Mr Karate did a nice job designing his :)
You must have had fun making those !
What did you do with all of them?