Tuesday, May 30, 2017


As I got off the highway and stopped at the end of the ramp on the way to the longarm quilter, I turned to say something to my Mom, who was sitting beside me. I was distracted, however, by the Lindt Chocolate sign. "There's a Lindt chocolate store right there!"

"We should stop on the way home," my Mom said, I could use a bit of chocolate."

So we did!

What would a day be without chocolate? Boring, that's for sure. I got two pounds of the individually wrapped milk chocolate pieces (above left), because that helps me resist temptation. But the big bars** were, "buy two get one free," and my resistance disappeared. I had never seen the Dark Chocolate Coconut, or the Dark Roasted Almond flavors, so of course I had to try those, and the stuff in the bag on the bottom was also on sale, and I love that little crunch. I had a Lindt points card, so I got that bag for free.

I won't tell you how much money I spent, but I know it was worth it.

** Yes Megan, I can get the big bars at my local grocery store as well, but they don't have all the flavors.


Nancy J said...

I have tasted their "Orange" and it is the most amazing chocolate ever!!! Well done to have a splash out, and go home loaded up with it all.

Megan said...

Lynne - are these chocolates difficult to buy where you are? We have them all available in our local supermarket here.

Sydney, Australia

Quiltdivajulie said...

Our stores have a widely differing variety of flavors - some have lots of dark chocolate, others only have milk chocolate. I agree that their dark chocolate with orange is divine.

Ann said...

I'd be stopping there daily. Good thing there's not a nearby chocolate shop. At least none I know of.

Pat said...

This seriously makes me want to make a trip to the grocery store.

Mari said...

There's a detour worth taking! Who could blame you for stopping? That mint chocolate looks wonderful. And now you have more than quilts to look forward to when you go to pick up the finished ones!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh wow!! a WHOLE store? We definitely would have stopped!!
xx, Carol