Friday, October 7, 2016

Peppermint Candy Flimsy Complete

Since getting a finished flimsy back up on the design wall can be an exercise in frustration if you are alone, I decided to see what it looked like on my dining room table. 

Damn, it looks good, and it fits so perfectly. Almost like it was meant to. Which it was, sorta. LOL.

This is funny because I never measure. I just wing it. OK, not really, but when I was designing the blocks I knew they were "about" five by ten inches or so, so I just calculated how many I would need to cover the table with enough to drop over the edges on all four sides. It worked out to about 100 blocks. I made a lot more than that, so I knew I was in good shape. Always better to have too many than too few.

I was at my sister's house last week and she said, "Hey, that red and white quilt on your blog, if it doesn't have a home, it can come live here."

I'm pretty sure I snorted. "I don't think so. That one is staying with me." 

Sorry, Sis.

Not. :-)


Nancy J said...

Wow, and this is so definitely a "keeper".

Pat said...

That looks fantastic on your table. Yep, keeper!

Ruth said...

What a great quilt! Looking at the shot of your quilt on the floor, for the first time I see the "peppermint candy swirl". I don't know why I never saw where the name came from until now. Yes, this is definitely one to keep for yourself.

Mari said...

This is so pretty! It looks very festive. I would keep it too!

Teresa Rawson said...

OK, now I am craving a peppermint...I LOVE this quilt!!!!!! Can I get in line after your sister, in case you et tired of it?!? LOL!