Monday, January 25, 2016

The Layout

Once your blocks are all sewn together, arrange them in a layout. For me, working on the floor is easier. The blocks are large, and would require a very large design wall to have room for them all, and I'd have to be getting up and down a ladder to arrange them, and that gets old fast***.

Arrange the blocks. Here I have 6 rows of 5 blocks each. Rotate the blocks to your heart's content.

Make sure you don't have any "blobs" or areas of too many darks or brights next to each other. Strive for a flow of some sort. Try to distribute colors and values so your eye doesn't stop moving around. (If it stops, it's stuck, and that's bad.) Be patient. It took me over an hour to get this far, and looking at this photo as I write this post, I see a block in a place I don't like. (I've just moved it. Twice.)

Now all I have to do is sew it up!

***In my old place, the dining room had a linoleum floor, so I'd lay them out there. That posed two problems.

One problem was my cat Millie, who loved nothing more than to play "slip and slide" over all the pieces. To counteract that, I took lots of pictures. But now Millie is older and less interested, and I live in a house with wall-to-wall carpeting throughout.

The second problem was getting up and down from the hard floor. If you're of a certain age, you know what I mean. The fix was surprisingly simple. A length of 1/2" PVC pipe with a crutch tip at the end. I could hold one end of the pipe, and select and drag the block along the slippery floor. The soft plastic crutch tip caught the fabric, and allowed me to drag, place and spin the block into position while standing up.


Gale Bulkley said...

I'm short and use a set of long kitchen tongs. It requires a bit of bending, but sure saves wear and tear on the knees.

Jean Campbell said...

Go to the medical supply department and get a 'grabber' -- the grab part has pinchers and it's longer than tongs.

Becky said... I have one of these in almost every room, the quilt room especially. Thanks for the tutorial (again) for these blocks. I think I will have fun trying them.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...


Mary Ellen said...

Well, aren't you the clever one. I have all hardwood floors and three cats. They love kitty cat slip and slide. I can only use the floor for spray basting as they don't like the pffft of the spray and stay away. I have a pretty good sized design wall, but the ladder is a pain. Lookin' good. This looks like a fun, stress-free pattern.

I am trying to work on a modern paper pieced quilt. I think that the directions are wrong. I have done a fair amount of paper piecing and I think things are explained and diagrammed in reverse. I have just started, so I will try to troubleshoot this before getting too far down the road.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh yes... quilt blocks on the floor make the perfect slip and slide for fur babies!!