Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Coworker Birds

Giving personalities to these birds has made me start thinking of them the other way around. Making birds for people I know. Here are birds that represent four of my coworkers.

This bird reminds me of a coworker who is effervescent and cheerful, always positive and helpful.

This one is for a coworker who is a vegetarian and sings at coffeeshops in the evenings. She's a tall redhead.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you what this tall young man does for our company.

We have a sales guy that another coworker says "is so good he could sell ice to Eskimos."  He wears yellow shirts and always has a smile. And yes, this guy can talk you into, and out of, anything.

Sharon, the bird blocks average about eight inches square. The wing is based on a 4-1/2" HST. The size of the small HST's on the breast can determine if the bird is fat or squat or skinny. Obviously I vary the size and angle of the beaks, and the legs for each bird depend on my mood. I don't use a pattern. I just "wing it." And sometimes the bird just needs to be bigger to accommodate the size of the print I want to showcase on the wing.


Sandi said...

Love that yellow alphabet guy, he is strutting with confidence!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Such grand use of the text/numeral fabrics -- I have that yellow and love it but have found it tricky to use. Love the variety in the birds' beaks, too. Such fun to have the birds convey actual people and their stories.

Sharon said...

I love your birds! What fun to model them after people you know. Are you telling your coworkers about this, or keeping it under your hat?

Thank you for the size info. Somewhere I have the bird tutorial from you (from a few years ago) and I really need to try some birds. I know you're usually just "winging it", and you are amazing. One would not guess that you're not using a pattern, because they appear to be pretty uniform, but not the same. I think it's intriguing how the different sizes of beaks and legs really convey different personalities.

Love those text fabrics! I really love your choices of fabrics you're using. And I love the stories that go with each of the birds.