Thursday, September 3, 2015


My pal Kathy commented on the quality of my White stash. A lot of it I've had a long time.

The top fabric I've had since 2007 when I was making and selling custom kitty quilts (called "Gizzy Quilts"). The middle one I bought for my friend Julie, who incorporated it in her See Rock City quilt of barns. The bottom one with the brassieres I bought to use as a lining in a backpack I made in 2008 when I went to Maryland for Violette's christening. I love the bras.

 I bought these fabrics for The Black Box quilt, but I don't think they made the final cut.

I bought the flying pigs for the When Pigs Fly quilt, but that idea didn't fly. The circles were for the low-volume Crayons quilt (the one I have since named "Mashed Potato Crayons.")

 I like Black and White, so these were BW's from my stash. The one on the far right was bought for the Chicken quilt ("Too Much Chicken") but didn't make it.

 I bought these for the first Rail Fence quilt. They all made it into the quilt and these are the left over bits.
The two on the left in this photo go way back. I bought them for my first Alphabet sampler quilt, "Letters from Home," which appeared in Tonya Ricucci's book "Word Play Quilts." The fabric on the right was used in curtains for the hallway in my last apartment.

 These were bought as fat quarters at a big sale, and have languished in my stash.

Three of these fabrics were backings of quilts. The bugs were the binding of the first Rail Fence quilt.

Three of these fabrics were bought as cut yardage for the stash, but for no particular quilt. The fabric on the bottom right, however, was bought for a house quilt I made for my godson Devon back in 2009. I particularly wanted the lady with the dark hair sitting at a sewing machine. I have used her in a couple of houses to represent me.

This quilt was intended to be a stash-busting quilt, so I've been trying to use the stuff I have that's been sitting around for a while.


sharon said...

I love love love the pigs fly fabric....your fabric is so interesting and fun.

Quiltdivajulie said...

And what a wonderful assortment you have gathered!

Megan said...

Yes - I agree: a fabulous collection!

Sydney, Australia

Mystic Quilter said...

What a collection!