Saturday, July 18, 2015

In The Jungle

I am most definitely NOT a Kona nerd. In fact I am not even a solids fan, but I found a Jelly Roll of Kona solids in my stash.  I didn't know what I would do with them until my pal Valerie asked this question...

"Since you are the letter master is there any chance you've got a few Kona scraps kicking around in that bin and want to play along?  Love to have a block from my mentor if you've got the energy to make one."

Well, heck, I don't need much motivation to make a word out of fabric.

Except that the play along involved making a word out of Kona solids, and it couldn't just be ANY word, it has to be one of Kona's 303 color names. So I had to find a list of the names (easy, just go to the Kona website) and then find a matching color in my tiny solid stash.

I found a color - JUNGLE, no problem. But what to do about a background, since I don't have a lot of anything that is big enough for a background. (Letters don't take much fabric, but the background takes a lot.)

As usual, the little grey cells provided me with an answer.

Nobody said the background had to be ONE fabric!!!

Do you approve, dear Valerie?

Of course you do. (Heh.)


Valerie Levy said...

Oh yes....I approve!
Can't wait to see this!

Megan said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it too.

Sydney, Australia

Quiltdivajulie said...

If there are solid strips leftover that you don't want, send them down and I'll use them to make a word, too.

Pat said...

This is gonna be fun. :D