Friday, June 19, 2015

Win Some, Lose Some

My test was positive. I have Lyme Disease. The really good news is I caught it early, before it hid away in my body and became a debilitating illness. This round of meds should clear it out completely.

My name and address were sent to the state as required by law, so I am one more on the list of citizens in NH confirmed as infected by Lyme Disease. It is an endemic here in NH. (In 2001, there was only 1 case. In 2013, sadly, the number of confirmed cases was 1323.)

I will continue to take the antibiotic, and will have to be a lot more careful when I walk about my property.

The CDC link above, has information on how to to establish a "tick-free" zone around my house, and some of my landscaping plans for other parts of my yard have changed significantly based on this knowledge.

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome!


Megan said...

Lynne - I'm thrilled to learn that your antibiotics will clear it out of your system. That is wonderful news.

Sydney, Australia

stitchinpenny said...

So glad you caught it early. Landscaping has a whole new emphasis, but I am happy that you at least did the necessary research. Good luck on your path to recovery and prevention.

Just Ducky said...

Wonderful it was caught early, so your landscape plans change a bit.

Anonymous said...

We live in the woods, so we spray our fenced garden area with a Bayer product that's supposed to last the summer. We usually spray twice, just to be sure. It has really helped. Since you aren't growing edibles, it should be easy to do. Once you feel better, of course.

Brenda said...

My husband had it and because it was caught early and treated with antibiotics, he made a complete recovery. wishing you the same!

Pat said...

So glad you caught it early. I know it can be terrible and life changing if not caught and dealt with.

Valerie Levy said...

Oh Lynne! I am just catching up on your news...what a frightful time for yoy. I hope the drugs kick the Lyme, it's getting very common here too.
Hang in there Missus!xox