Monday, June 22, 2015

A Little Sewing, Please, Maybe?

Oh gosh yes.

My sister called me up yesterday morning. "You know Lynne, if you WANTED all the attention you got, I'm not sure you could have cooked up a better reason."

I laughed.

"And you know I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just that, SHEESH!!"

Um yeah. Sisters pretty much hit the nail right smack on the head, or wherever else they want to smack it, and are quite satisfied with themselves no matter what.

"Frankly Marie," I said to her, "I would have been a lot happier without the tick bite and all the fuss..."

So yeah. I'm a week through the antibiotics and the last ten minutes of the hour after I take the pill are the hardest. That's when my stomach feels the most squeamish, and it tells me to start dinner so I will have something ready when the timer goes off. Otherwise I'm trying to get enough rest and drink extra fluids.

I have been doing a little bit of sewing, but it's for something I can't tell you about, so I have nothing to show you, except selfsame sister visited yesterday with a fellow quilting buddy to pick up one of these,
It's my homemade bread, (recipe here) and the only thing I did differently this time is add the grated rind from an entire navel orange to the dough when I was adding the eggs. This stuff is pretty much divine no matter how you eat it, sliced naked, toasted, toasted with butter (or anything else), as part of a sandwich or whatever. Nobody ever turns a loaf down, and I am always made aware at just how good it is whenever I take a bite out of the stuff that passes for "bread" nowadays.

After my sister and her BFF left yesterday, after looking at quilts, I decided to hang the crayon quilts in the dining room.

So yeah, finally, here is something quilt related.


Quiltdivajulie said...

SO glad you are getting better!!!!!!

sharon said...

Get better quick, summer is here and the quilting should be awesome...and by the way thanks for the Poldark recommendation, he is sure easy on the eyes and good Sunday night TV

Jean said...

Sorry to hear what you have been going through. Glad they figured out what was wrong and you are on the right meds to kick it! Hope you get in a little more sewing soon! The secret sounds interesting....

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you. :). I'm doing cancer for the third time.