Thursday, May 14, 2015

Welcome Banner

Chris offered to quilt the little Welcome banner, so I included it with the Blue Deco quilt when I sent it to her a few weeks ago. On Sunday she called me. "Did you plan where you put the sky fabric above the house?" she asked.

Well, yeah.

"I mean, did you cut the fabric to show off the swirls? You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

Yes, I told her. I thought that fabric represented the sky and the wind blowing around here when I was making the quilt.

"Because YOU KNOW," she laughed, "It's my job to ENHANCE what's already there with my quilting.  How can I ENHANCE something that's ALREADY PERFECT?"

It was my turn to laugh, "Well, I didn't mean to make your life difficult."

As it happens, Chris had several ideas, and started something and then ripped it out, and in the end, just did something simple.  It's fine with me, it's going on the outside door, for heaven's sake.  I told Chris that one of my blog readers worried the quilt would get damaged from exposure to the elements.

"Well, you'll just make ANOTHER one!" Chris replied, and we both laughed. She's right too. When this one wears out, I'll make another, different one.

In the meantime, I've added the binding and the hanging sleeve to the back. Now I have to hand sew the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve and figure out how to attach it to my door.


Lesley Gilbert said...

I just popped in after visiting Polka dot Chicken, looking at what her other bloggers are doing. I loved your Welcome Banner and reading the story that followed. Thanks for making me smile - I enjoyed my visit :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

Rare earth magnets (dh has a great online source) inside the sleeves on all 4 corners....

Megan said...

It looks wonderful and yes, I'm STILL concerned about its exposure to the elements. LOL

Sydney, Australia

Valerie Levy said...

Love it!

Pat said...

This just turned out perfectly!

Eileen said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and so unique!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are enjoying this piece, I love it!