Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I sewed together "JUST MAKE" and "AMAZING" last night. I can't believe I chopped off the letter A when I took a picture.

I re-made the letter M. It was ugly.

Here's the design wall now.
And no matter how much I try to talk myself into it, that orange block above the bird has to go, along with the black and white print to his right. Too heavy, too busy, too much. In fact, the bird has to be moved over to the left a bit.

I got a bonanza in the mailbox today. One Christmas present from my son (a gorgeous book on Art Quilts), two Christmas cards, two cooking magazines and three seed/gardening catalogs. And not one bill!

Jennifer, a few days ago I mentioned washing the Fall House Top flimsy. It's not something I've ever done before, and certainly won't do it again. But we used the flimsy as a tablecloth at Thanksgiving, and we spilled stuff on it, so it had to be washed before I sent it to be quilted. Fortunately it will be a tablecloth when it's done, so no harm no foul, although I did spend an hour trimming threads on the back before I sent it to be quilted.


Megan said...

I agree about the patches alongside the bird. And the mail? Aren't bonanza days like that one of life's joys?

Sydney, Australia

Jennifer said...

wow! I'm flattered! an answer IN the blog post!!! I'm thinking of making a tablecloth, too. we don't have one for our large table (actually, I do have one, strictly speaking, but when I pulled it out to put on for Thanksgiving, we were dismayed to realize how faded it was. plus a few holes...) I have sososo many 2½" strips- I could easily make a tablecloth. I enjoy following Millie's blog, too.

Judy in Michigan said...

No harm,no fowl = in the chicken theme...

Happy New Year!!