Friday, March 21, 2014

Queen Elizabeth was a Ruler...*

I love rulers. I don't know why, but I do. They are also dead useful, especially for squaring up quilts. You can use 24" rulers for squaring up small quilts. but you can't use them to square up big ones. It just doesn't work. I have a 48" ruler, and now I have a 60" one. Woo hoo!

I had a hard time squaring up the Black Crayons quilt. It seemed to have four 90 degree corners, but there was a 1/2" difference between the top and bottom. I have a large 16" right triangle, but I still had a hard time figuring out where I went wrong. 

So I asked a woodworking friend of mine for advice. He suggested I look into one of these, a 48" adjustable drywall square. I did more than look. I ordered two.

These will make squaring up my larger quilts a lot easier, and a lot more accurate!

*Dunno why this sticks with me, but some of you may remember this ditty.. 
"There are 12 inches in a ruler, Queen Elizabeth was a ruler. Queen Elizabeth was also a boat. Boats sail on the sea, the sea has fishes, the fishes have fins, the Finns fought the Russians and the Russians are red, that's why fire engines are red because they're rushin' all over."  
 It's from the Three Stooges.  I have two brothers who loved the Three Stooges. They recited this ditty ("Why Are Fire Engines Red?") over and over, and over forty years later, I still remember it.


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Anonymous said...

I was myself trying to remember that quote just last week!! I got the first part and the last, but couldn't remember the middle. THANK-YOU!

Oh, yeah, JULY! juyjulyjulyjulyjuly hee hee hee hee hee.

Megan said...

The weird and wonderful things that get stuck in the brainbox!

Sydney, Australia

Beth said...

My my are prolific of original design quilts! Enjoyed very much browsing your blog. Could you please tell me how you made the red, white, blue, blocks? I tried searching your blog - perhaps you already posted and I didn't readily see it? Thanks in advance, Beth in AL