Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Low Volume, Low Key, Low Interest

For me most "low volume" quilts are so laid-back they're comatose.  There. I said it.  If you don't like it, I say (as the French do) "Tant pis."

To each his own poison. If it works for you, fine, but working with my "low volume" (or as I prefer to call them "low key") letters bores me to tears. In fact, they bore me so much, I'm not even going to fix that "a" in "Crayons."

(I sewed these two letters on the wrong seam and got "NO" instead of "ON". Sigh)

What I AM GOING TO DO, however, is have some fun with this.  I deliberately selected these fabrics because I wanted a snoozefest (Now there's a contradiction in terms!) The next version will be slightly snappier. The version after that will be somewhat more energetic, and so on, until the last version will be a real riot of over the top noise.


I can't wait!

(Have I ever told you I think all artists are subversive by nature?)


Amy Friend said...

I tend to agree. Low volume all the way doesn't really do it for me. What I do love are low volume fabrics patchworked together with some high contrast prints.

Millie said...

Amy, that's one of the variations I have planned!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I do love some of the fabrics you've used in the letters - "quiet" or "low volume" or "low key" or not. I love the phrase, but see it in my mind as much more emphatic. Will be interesting to watch the various iterations you design!!

Terri said...

Your "on" that turned out to be "no" might be Freudiam. You really don't want to make this mashed potato quilt.

Millie said...

Terri - I LOVE YOU!!! "Mashed Potato Quilt!" You are a GENIUS!!!! Oh how WONDERFUL! Thank you for making me laugh!

P. said...

I love your attitude about this quilt and your plan. Also chuckling about "mashed potato."