Saturday, February 4, 2012

Red Stick-a-thon

Here are all the Red Sticks blocks I have so far, 51 of them. I need 12 more, then I start the red-on-red ones for the "border."  Why so many more?

When I realized that offsetting the strips made the blocks smaller, I had to adapt. I had originally planned on 8" finished blocks, but I won't get them that size, they'll be about 7-1/4" finished.  I had a particular size in mind, and to get that size, I needed more blocks. So today is Red Sticks Day.  If I can, I want to make ALL the blocks in time for The Big Game tomorrow.  I will trim my blocks down to size while I "watch" the game.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure I won't have any hair or fingernails left by the end of game.



Woop Woop! nothing like preasure..Kx

Quiltdivajulie said...

I suspect I am one of the few here rooting for your team and not the other guys -- we'll be at our neighbors' house, in their 'man cave' watching the game (and eating) with about a dozen other folks. A couple of the other women hand quilt, so they'll be downstairs stitching.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blocks -- I need to go play with my fabric!

Derby, Ducky said...

Yeah, mum crow-shays during Packer games. She doesn't have to worry about that tomorrow.

Jean said...

These are cute! I haven't been blogging much, so missed you starting these. I like them!