Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Red Sticks

 Now I have 30 red sticks blocks. I need 18 more for the center, then I will make 32 red-on-red for the "border."

 I really like this block, with the red fans, the black and white stripes and the orange fabric that echoes the stripes in each.
 This is another block where I placed the patterned piece quite deliberately.
I like this block too, with the obvious mis-alignment of the green strip.

Remember I said I need 18 more blocks for the center of the quilt? Here are the six pinks, the six blues and the other fabrics I will use to make up those 18 blocks. You can click the photo, then click again if you want to see the fabrics in detail.

I want to move quickly, because Chris has finished quilting the Four Seasons quilt, and I should see it sometime late next week. I will be eager to finish it so I can bring it to Quilted Threads for display.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful stick fabrics . . . I love this project!

Judy Martin said...

I have really enjoyed seeing the progress of this piece.

Your favourite Amish quilt is wonderful by the way.

Also, I'm new to your blog, so read a few pages back and saw your drawing and your committment to being in the studio.

All I can say is YES.


I am with you on the fan block and that black and white stripe fabric, it just fits! Kx