Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pick Up Sticks

I'm enjoying making the Red Sticks.  These blocks are about 8-1/2" square. 

Remember, get to work. Pick up your pencil.


Teresa in Music City said...

Yes ma'am!!! *gulping down tea, stepping away from the computer & picking up pencil* LOL

Love your Red Sticks blocks - they look like such fun!

Sybil said...

Those look like such fun. I may have to do one in green. I love green.

Judy in Michigan said...

Lovin' the sticks Lynne! I had my pencil out yesterday and moving right along on a design. Thanks for the nudge!

Clare said...

I loved Pick Up Sticks. We used to have the wooden version and when that disappeared in a house move, we had the plastic tool version.