Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Worst Possible Thing - Update below!


My sewing machine has just pitched a fit and died.  The feed dogs aren't advancing the fabric, and yes, I did everything the manual told me to do. When I lower them, they won't come back up the way they should. It's 11 years old, and yes, I did blow the dust bunnies out and I oiled itl


Naturally this happened at the worst time of the day (repair shop is closed for the weekend), and the month (other financial expenses take precedence!)


I was so excited about working on the Four Seasons quilt.  

Can you help me?

OK Quilters, now's your chance. With a budget of only $300 which machine do you recommend?  Here's what I need:

1. I make quilts. I sew cotton fabric. From time to time I'll sew through something heavier. Yes, I might hem some jeans.  I need a machine that can handle that.

2. I want a machine with good tension, where I can adjust the stitch length somewhat, and can MOVE when I want to sew a long straight line. (In other words, I don't want a slowpoke.)

3. I do not need embroidery stitches at all. I'm not going to do ruffling, or turn hems. I probably don't need it to make buttonholes either.

4. It should be quiet.

5. It would be nice if it could: a) wind the bobbin; b) thread the needle; c) cut the thread; d) have a deeper "throat" than six inches.

A quick search on Amazon brought me to the Janome HD 1000 which looks good.  I'll keep searching.

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Updated 4:15 PM Sunday ....

WOW! Crisis resolved! Quilters are a wonderful bunch! 

This morning as I sat at my desk doing the bookkeeping my phone rang. It was Yvonne, my quilty friend who lives about 30 miles away. "You can't be without a sewing machine. I have three and I don't use one.  You can borrow it. You can come and get it today."

WOW! WOW! WOW!  So my sewing machine crisis has been resolved. I'll have more details (and photos) later...

Thank you Yvonne!


Megan said...

I say "crap" too Lynne.

Sydney, Australia

Sybil said...

I am so sorry hon. If you lived closer to me I would lend you one of my machines.


Clare said...

Have you given it a huge clean out down below? Sometimes that helps.

Wish I could loan you one of mine.

Susan said...

Oh no! I hope you can get your machine fixed soon!

Ruth said...

Been there! That was when I bought my first Bernina.
The Janome 1000 looks good, I am sold on Janome quality. Two years ago our group at church bought 2 Janome "My Style" machines for the teens to use at Quilt Camp, this year we are buying 2 more.

The Selvage Fairy said...

I can't help you with your choice, but once you get back in business, try taking your old machine to Levesques Sew and Vac on Hooksett Rd. You may be able to get it in shape to be a back-up.

Brenda said...

If you can squeeze more than $300 out of your budget, I'd recommend the Juki TL98Q or TL2000Q. The 98 would be slightly cheaper. it goes fast at 1500 stitches per minute, is a lockstitch or straight stitch only, has a needle threader and thread cutter, knee control, and has a 8.5 inch opening. it's not computerized, so it should have a long life. I love mine and lots of other quilters out there have them. I paid $999 for mine, but in the US you should be able to get it for considerably less. oh yes, and it has a big table around it and a knee control for the presser foot.

Brenda said...

and it has a great bobbin winder with a separate motor, so you can wind a bobbin while your machine is still threaded.

Judy in Michigan said...

Wow, I'd look into that Juki! Sounds wonderful. My friend has a Juki that she uses to quilt with - she can attach it to a frame and then can do pantogram type quilting with it by moving the machine along a rail on the frame. Maybe your family elves could help out with a Christmas gift of $$. I can't imagine you without a sewing machine whirring. Good luck.

Terri said...

In this economy there has to be someone out there that could use the money and has a wonderful sewing machine that they never use. Make a sign for the community board at a grocery, check out the thrift and consignment stores, maybe there's an ad in the paper. Reuse! Recycle... and I forget what the other "R" is. Can you borrow one from a friend who has no visions of using it during the busy Christmas season...

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sending HUGE hugs to you!!!

Have you called the quilt shop and to ask if they know of anyone who would like to sell a machine? Our shop does not take trade ins, but will sometimes pass along info. Might be worth a phone call.

And that guild that you know of in your area, do they have a 'for sale' listing on their website or in their newsletter? Maybe one of the members has a decent machine for sale.

Sending even more hugs to sustain you through the process!

Jean said...

When I had problems with the feed dogs, I had a piece of lint..translate to felted lint... under them. I had cleaned it out, but was still having trouble, so took it apart again and really looked underneath. It was keeping the dogs from going down far enough. I do clean my machine....just not often enough. Don't tell the sewing machine police, ok?

Helen said...

Thank goodness for your quiltie friend living so close Lynne! I'm sewing on Mum's Janome HD 1600 at the moment, its a fantastic machine!

Yvonne said...

You are most welcome. :)

Anonymous said...

I would say Yvonne is an amazing friend! Quilters are some wonderful people,aren't they? !!!