Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What do you do when...

What do you do when you're lying in the dentist's chair for a two hour appointment in which you are getting a crown on one of your back teeth?

You don't think of them drilling, you don't think of the chips flying all over your face, you don't think of the icky smells, you don't think of the light in your eyes. You don't listen to the dentist ask for this tool or that one, or say to his assistant, "hold her tongue out of the way." You don't poke your tongue (well, if you could feel it, you sure wouldn't) in the tooth they are working on, and you don't wring your hands.

You go someplace else.

I designed a quilt in my head.

I was so far away that more than once the dentist had to repeat his instructions to me to do something, because I wasn't listening.


shannon said...

i hate the dentist!! so i feel your pain.

but i love those colors you've picked out...what a gorgeous color palette!

Camie's Kitties said...

Those are beautiful colors. They really remind me of spring.


PS - I often fall asleep at the dentist and have to be woken up to do something or other. I love going to the dentist.

Clare said...

Brilliant! I do something similar when I'm doing something I don't want to do and have to be yelled at a couple of times to bring me back!

Dolly said...

Oh, girl, you turned a yucky time into a dream .

I could sure play in that pile !

Quiltdivajulie said...

I alternate between designing quilts and walking along the beach of Lake Michigan (NOT in the winter) listening to the sea gulls scream, the water, and the wind . . . my dentist now asks me where I've been.

HUGS as you cope with the tooth and the weather!

Derby, Ducky said...

Good way to distract yourself.

Megan said...

Do you give lessons on how to do that so effectively? If so, sign me up please.

Sydney, Australia

Susan said...

Ah, you know I love this photo!

The last time I used my tongue to feel something, I exclaimed how huge that hole felt and my dentist, who cracks me up anyway, said "yeah, well- tongue's'll lie to ya." I started snorting and laughing and nearly choked to death and as soon as he left the room, his assistant and I about fell on the floor, in hysterics. I was thinking he had no idea just how right he was. *snork*

Sorry. I digressed! lol

Again, love your rainbow of fabrics!