Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pushing the Envelope

One of my least favorite "colors" is beige. CHAMPAGNE can't be pure white because the background of the quilt is white. So it's going to have to beige or at least "read" as creamy, beige-ish. I've got some ideas to relieve beige-boredom, and you can see one of them here, in this attempt at a "C" in a Broadway-style font.

I don't mind the fabric, and I like the "font" but this one needs a bit of work. I'm not worried or stressed or aggravated. This is pushing the envelope, this is experimenting. And you never know what happens until you try. So I'm actually pleased with this attempt.


quilthexle said...

It will be fun to see "CHAMPAGNE" in the style you picked. The "C" already looks VERY pretty ;-))

Tine said...

I like the fabric too! And champagne really isn't white, so your choice of color is peeeeerfect! As always :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

The more different creams/beiges, the better . . . they seem to feed off each other (while one may be blah, several together become inviting and companionable).

Like that you're trying a new "font" (look) with the letters in this word ... GREAT possibilities!!