Friday, October 22, 2010

H - A - M - N - E

Here are a few letters from CHAMPAGNE.

"H" was a piece of cake to make, that is, if you are accustomed to making something 1/4" wide.

"A," was a lot harder than it looks. The only thing that made it easier is it is a perfect 60-degree angle.Here are a few more.... (sorry for the lousy photos, there's not a lot of light)
"M"was ridiculously difficult (and that tail will disappear once the letter gets sewn to a long border strip).

"E," harder than it looks to get it right. (Actually the wide part needs to be thinner.)

"N" was actually the easiest letter so far, and those tails above and below will disappear as well when the letter is joined to a larger panel.

Each letter, btw, required some ripping and resewing.

One more "A" to make, then the struggle with C, P and G.


Megan said...

Very stylish Lynne.

Sydney, Australia

Joyce said...

I love these letters! I can only imagine how difficult the A was but you did it perfectly.