Sunday, October 24, 2010

CHAMPAGNE, part two

Well, here it is, the finished version of CHAMPAGNE. I am very happy with it, and will trim it out and add the upper and lower strips a bit later.
How did I get to this? My son was over for dinner last night and saw the word and knew I didn't like it.

The old version, (below) the one with the C, P and G I disliked, looked clunky and ugly. The word Champagne, evokes lightness and joy. I didn't want the quilt to be marred by a word I didn't like.My son studied the word, which was on the wall with all the others.

"Mom," he said, "You don't have any curves anywhere. None of your other R's,G's, C's or O's have curves." He pointed them out. "Your B doesn't have any curves.""Does the word champagne really have to have curves?"

He was right. Gosh, I love that kid!


Tine said...

WOW! What a talent! I love it that he looks at your work in that way :)

autumnesf said...

I'm very jealous of you having a son with such an eye. What a treasure he is!

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to tell you that "vermillion" has 2 Ls?

Derby, Ducky said...

curves to evoke the roundness of the word and bubbles, since champagne has bubbles! Good eye Mr Karate!

Susan said...

LOVE the champagne! Your son has his mother's good eye. (It was nice of him to leave you one, hey?) lol

This looks fabulous and the M is very cool!