Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Astrid's Quilt

Astrid asked for a throw quilt for her living room. Astrid wanted creams and colors. She isn't a fan of pink, and preferred strong colors over pastels. She liked the Sunshine Quilt I made for my son, so this is the same Slashed Squares design. The quilt is about 70" square.

Here the quilt is in the shade, on the grass.


The Selvage Fairy said...

Astrid is a lucky duck.

gardenpat said...

I love it!!! I clicked back to your tutorial for slashed squares and found that I had already bookmarked it previously!!

Well, I'm thinking that it's time I tried to make one!! Obviously, I really like it if I've come back to it more than once!!! lol!!

Hannah and Lucy said...

That is a lovely quilt Lynne - we are sure Astrid will love it.

Tine said...

Such a wonderful quilt! I love that design ;)