Saturday, September 18, 2010


Last Spring, after I revealed Helen's Rules, and then Tonya's version, my friend Julie asked if I could make one for her. She said I could choose one of her quilts in exchange.

I remembered this post.

The swap was On. Julie's flimsy was already made, so she had a big head start. When she suggested a July 4th reveal date, I almost fell on the floor laughing! HELL NO! There was No Way I could get a quilt made and quilted, and shipped to Julie by July 4. So then she suggested Labor Day. Much better!

By mutual agreement, we mailed our quilts this past Tuesday. The plan was they were to arrive on the same day. Alas, Murphy got in the way, and though I received my quilt on Thursday, Julie's did not arrive until Friday.

Julie's taken some outstanding photos of "O", and you can see them all here. Be sure to click the individual photos so you can enlarge them and see the wonderful detail.

I love "O". It's going to be used as a throw in my living room. Millie has already decided she likes it.

You'll have to go to Julie's blog for the big reveal of my quilt later on Saturday. She wants to take pictures of the quilt in the sunshine. She's very happy.

Me too! What a terrific swap! Thanks Julie!


Helen said...

The one you made is STUNNING Lynne! It looks lovely wrapped around you!

Megan said...

The quilt that you made for Julie is a sensation Lynne. Ansolutely wonderful. The amount of work, and flair and whimsy in it is incredible.

Sydney, Australia

Quiltdivajulie said...

What an amazing, incredible, totally awesome swap . . . you love O and I love No Rules . . . truly wonderful on every level!

THANK YOU a million times over!

Cherie said...

Lynne, finally the reveal! I'm not sure Julie took enough pictures of it ;) It looks absolutely fabulous hanging in Julie's home and each "Rule" quilt is so different from the next....each one awesome and fitting the owners perfectly. Congratulations!!