Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Rock!

Nothing new today. Spent last night getting my hair cut, installing VPN software on my laptop (which I just rebuilt) then restoring data (from an online backup - piece of cake!), and attempting to convince the boss to call tech support when his new hi-tech device didn't sync his email. (No he didn't, so at 9:30 PM I did.)

So, no sewing.

HOWEVER.... I just want to say to all of my wonderful readers... YOU ROCK! I am so happy you like to follow my design process. Your comments and suggestions keep me going, your encouragement is profoundly helpful and supportive. Thank you SO much! You ladies make my day each and every time I read your comments and thoughts. I may not always follow your advice or suggestions, but it is always helpful to hear another point of view.

I need some advice. This quilt needs a backing, and it needs binding. Have you got any ideas? I don't want to get all fussy and piece the back. I think a gold or greenish batik might be nice, but I don't want it to be too dark. I found a lovely Kaffee Fassett. but eQuilter only has two yards, and I need at least 3. I don't do cute, so no alphabets, no cute cartoony dogs or dog bones.

I don't know if the binding should blend in, or if it should be pieces of, say 2" chunks of the brights that comprise the letters of the quilt. That would be a bit unwieldy around the corners, though. I might have a row of on point squares, like these, as a border, going all around the central design. Of course, they wouldn't be all one color, but all the brights, not arranged in a rainbow (because, you know, that would be boring and predictable, and we don't want that!) but willy nilly, like a big dotted line around the perimeter. It would hold the design IN and yet carry the colors all around. Yeah, I think I like that. Then the quilt would have a plain binding.



Clare said...

I love your Seminole blocks and I can't wait to make another quilt which calls out for them.

That fabric would fit wonderfully. Can you get the extra yard anywhere else?

Helen said...

boring and predictable are two words that definitely do NOT apply to you Miss Lynne! I'd like to see a hot bright orange as the binding. Doesn't help your border woes though, but orange! Go bright orange for the binding!

Jackie said...

I agree with Helen. Boring and predictable are not part of your repertoire. The quilt is coming out lovely. I do think that a bright gold or orange would be terrific as the binding on this quilt.

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see the finished quilt. The fox is wonderful.

The Selvage Fairy said...

Watching your design process is like going to art school. Only lots more fun and for to the stubborn boss, if you are talking about who I think you are, I'm pretty sure that no one has ever talked him into or out of anything in his entire life. Ever,ever,ever,ever.

Quiltdivajulie said...

The backing needs to be an 'organic' earthy color - to honor the colors of the fox, the dog, the leaves and stems, etc. ...

Binding? I love scrappy binding, but until you choose your back and fully assemble the flimsy, it's hard to choose.

Enjoy the pondering ~ I know you'll come up with something awesome!

Trish said...


I will remember that you make 9:30 PM house calls the next time I have a computer problem!!! Only kidding! How about some of your beautiful flowers on the back of your quilt?


pwl said...

I like the idea of a gold or green batik on the back. And I am *SO* looking forward to seeing the finished product. I'm sorry the fox gave you such grief.

Vicky F said...

Hi Lynne,
I like your dotty border idea.
Are you sure you don't want cutesy? I was thinking of an old fashioned typewriter on the back (can you imagine piecing all of those keys??)
Vicky F