Monday, June 15, 2009

A Teeny Prospective Pair

I seem to have no trouble making BIG houses, but I can't make smaller ones, so I decided to do a smaller one. Looking through my house drawings, I found this one with two houses. I had had to work on Saturday, so I was tired, and made the color choices for this one while I "watched" TV.
One house will be blue, one pink. They need to relate to each other, so both will have yellow windows made from the same yellow fabric. I have an ombre pink-purple fabric, and one house will have a purple door (I changed my mind, it will be the pink house) and the blue house will have the pinky purple door.)

I thought it would be fun to give these houses black white roofs. As for the rest, I've selected background fabric, and fabrics for trees, and the ground.

I can't wait.

Alas, a kitchen full of dishes is between me and sewing these. I made a couple of cakes for a birthday party yesterday.


Jackie said...

Love the mock up! They are going to be great! MMMMM cake... Happy birthday to the recipients!

Mimi said...

I love how you do these. I'm envious!

Do you paper piece them or just how do you do them.

My grandchildren do some great artwork and making a quilt duplicating them would be awesome.


susan said...

ha! your little mock up of what you will do is funny
this one is too too cute
i like the roof's like that. now i cant remember, did you use those fabrics for the roof?