Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Sunshine

It finally stopped snowing after leaving us with between 18 and 22 inches of the damn stuff. I've had enough already and it's only the second day of winter.

We had real sunshine today. It was sunny with clear blue skies. It was also about 15 degrees F and very windy. The snow crunched underfoot. Actually, it was a pretty nice day.

On Sunday I paired up the last of my strips and squares. Last night I started sewing them together. I tried very hard not to repeat any pairs, but look at the finished block on the right, and then the 5th pair down from the top on the left.
Drat! Oh well. Nobody else but me will probably notice anyway.

I buy fabric at a couple of quilt stores locally, but I order a lot from eQuilter. The fabric samples are large, and the inventory is arranged so it is easy to browse. Some sites have links with the names of the manufacturers, like Kona Bay, Hoffman, RJR, etc. I have no interest in going on a hunting expedition by manufacturer when I am looking for fabric. I don't know who manufactures what, and I don't care to learn. I find it very frustrating. So I buy a lot from eQuilter. Last year I bought about 200 yards of fabric. This year, not so much. But the folks at eQuilter must like me, because I found this book in my mailbox as a gift from them.
It's a lovely book. I will absolutely never make a quilt that looks like a picture. So sometime when the weather gets a lot warmer, and I am not feeling so frazzled, and the very special task I have set for myself in 2009 is well underway, I will offer this book as a giveaway.


Clare said...

I was having an email conversation with a quilting friend in the UK and she said that a quilt isn't a quilt unless it's got a mistake in it. So don't worry about it. It was meant to be there.

Lovely sunny, summery yellows to brighten up those dark, dank days.

Millie said...

In that case I am in good shape!

Magpie Sue said...

I received a yard of a fabric I couldn't account for in my last order from eQuilter. I had to check my receipt to make sure I hadn't ordered it and forgotten, but sure enough, it wasn't part of my order. I was afraid they'd made a mistake and shorted someone else. In the end I decided it was probably also a gift :- )

Anonymous said...

Why would you never make a quilt that looks like a picture? Some I have seen a gorgeous? And you can be even more creative and set yourself a new challenge? :)
I mean you have perfected what you do now ;)
It is nice of companies to look after their good customers:)
Good old fashioned service, doesn't happen a whole lot nowdays :)


Mr. Karate said...

wow, what beautiful colors!