Saturday, July 19, 2008

Millie + Monty Q

The internet is a strange and wonderful place.
This is my cat, Millie.

I found out about Millie because she had been struck by a car and rescued by a passerby. He asked for donations because she needed surgery to insert a pin in her leg. She was a feral cat, and the bill was estimated to be over $1,000. I sent my $20 to help out. At the time I had two black-and-white cats. But one cat was sick, so after a couple of months, when Millie needed a home, I adopted her. You can find the entire story here. It's quite something. I started blogging to keep Millie's fans up-to-date.

After a few months, I started making kitty quilts (now known as "Gizzy Quilts"). That's another story, and you can read it here. During this time, I met Tracey, who asked about a quilt for her baby daughter. She had also just adopted a cat, Monty Q, and started a blog for him. Monty took an interest in Millie. Tracey and I have a lot of fun with it. Over the coming months, Tracey and I became good friends. (I never did make the quilt.)

I'll be visiting Tracey and her family next week. Indeed, I am to be godmother to her newest child, and will be bringing a quilt with me. (You'll have to wait until July 25th to see it, though, so stay tuned.)

I thought it would be fun to make a kitty quilt for Monty, telling the world that Millie and Monty were sweet on each other. I knew I wanted their names, and some wonky hearts, but when I started, I wasn't quite sure where it was going.

Obviously, Tonya's alphabet has had a Big Impact on my quiltmaking.

It really seemed to need the cats. I thought this batik fabric was a great stand-in for a brown tabby cat. And of course I had to try to present Millie the same way.I even bought a walking foot for my sewing machine so I could machine quilt the quilt.Here is the finished quilt. It's 22-1/2 x 26 inches. The letters are 3" tall.I used this great Laurel Burch fabric for the backing, which suggested the binding fabric.
Millie approves*.

* It's very interesting, but folks who buy these quilts actually ask me to have Millie romp around on them so their cats will have something to smell. I've made over 150 of them, and I've never had a cat reject a quilt. One cat even drags his around the house to wherever he wants to nap. Multi-cat families with a quilt for each cat report that each cat knows which quilt is his, and often they don't share. I don't do anything special to them. No catnip. Just 100% cotton, and a lot of love.


andsewitis Holly said...

Your quilts are awesome. You do beautiful work with Tonya's letters. I love Millie's hammock!
Thank you for your kind words at my place :)

SuzyQSparkles said...

I thought you might enjoy peeking at my blog post devoted to you today...

Thanks for your AMAZING, INSPIRING work and sharing so much with us in the forms of pictures and tutorials!

I was wondering about your Gizzy Quilts... about how big are they? They look to be around 24" square... :D

Derby said...

Gizzy's are the bestest. I love mine!

upstateLisa said...

New to your blog but I know I saw your letters on flickr. I love your quilts!!!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

so love your pieced kitties - so very sweet. what a fun quilt!

Angus Mhor said...

You did a terrific job with the cats and the wonky heart! I saw that very Laurel Birch fabric i a Bernina shop the other day, but had something else in mind. It looks great as backing.

And since Miss Millie snoopervises, it would be just wrong for a gizzy to leave her without her "imprimatur".

And,thanks for the love, Lynne.

Astrid, Kashim and Othello said...


I am sure it is the love! The boys say the quilts are special and they are dragging theirs around too if they need to have it on another napping space.

Speaking of boys:
Believe it or not the babybeanquilt you made for Darian is the most soothing thing he has. When nothing else help to calm him down, wrapping him into the quilt always helped and helps!

Your quilts simply work magic, it must be the love!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Absolutely love this post and the quilt!!! Miss Angel is now jealous....