Lynne Tyler Quilts ~ 2014

Too Much Chicken 2014
A conversation with a waitress about leftovers inspired this quilt about the dreaded leftover chicken. If you look closely you can see the various ways the "CHICKEN" words deteriorate as you get further down the quilt.  Can you find the extremely bored "A"?

Black & White Crayons, 2014
I always wanted to make a Black and White Crayons quilt, and I wanted to divide the quilt in half somehow. I couldn't figure it out and set the idea aside for a while. I knew that an idea would present itself eventually. This one came to me, quite literally, in a dream.

 This was originally intended to be a row quilt showing asterisk flowers, my free pieced butterflies, hearts and birds, but all the elements had a mind of their own and seemed to want to float happily in the air.  When this happens, you just have to give in. The quilt wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting if the elements were arranged in straight rows.

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