Not Yet Quilted

These are quilt tops I have finished, but have not yet been quilted.

 This is Dark Majesty. I finished the flimsy in June 2017.

This is the Holiday Quilt, finished in December 2017.


 This is the Tickled Pink quilt. I love this and am keeping it for myself!

 My Mother wanted a quilt, so I made her this one. It's called Dairy Cream with Sprinkles.

 This is Glorious, the result of a collaboration between my friend Julie Sefton and I.

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suzanprincess said...

I've been entranced by your slab triangles since the first post, and love what you've done with them. I appreciate how you've shared the process with us, to the point that I've stashed all the relevant posts in a file to serve as inspiration, because I want a Fruit Loops of my own!