Not Yet Quilted

These are quilt tops I have finished, but have not yet been quilted.

This is "Digital Pinwheels" until it gets a better name, and is a riff on the the twelve-tone color wheel. I started this in 2013 and put the blocks together in 2015. This quilt is about 72" square.

 I finally made a backing for this quilt in 2015 out of leftover blocks and some fabrics from my stash.

This black and white version of my Slashed Squares tutorial is called "Terrazzo." I made this in January 2016. It's 56" x 98".

I used a lot of black and white fabrics from my stash to make this pieced backing for the quilt, except now I'm not sure which I like better. I made the backing in October 2016.

I made the quilt to be used as a table cover for my dining room table.

After I cleaned the studio from the mess that had been building up all year, I decided I had to use up some of my small scraps that I keep in the accessory bins in my studio. In early November 2016 I made "made fabric" or slabs and them cut them into triangles using a Tri-Recs ruler set. I used black and white fabrics for the side triangles. I was going to make a lot of triangles of all the fabrics in my stash but I liked these colors together so much that they became their own quilt. It is called "Fruit Loops."

While playing with the blocks for Fruit Loops (above) I discovered this very calm layout of horizontal diamonds. The shape reminded me of jewels, so I decided this quilt would be made of jewel tones. The colors here are dark blue, turquoise, dark green, gold, red violet, violet and blue violet. Again I have used black and white fabrics in the side triangles. This quilt was made in December 2016. Like Fruit Loops, it is 60" x 72". The name of this quilt is "Treasure Trove."

 This is the third quilt in the series of scrappy slab triangles quilts made using the Tri-Recs ruler set. this is called "Snow Day" and was inspired by the view of the woods behind my house in the winter. The flimsy was completed in February 2017.

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suzanprincess said...

I've been entranced by your slab triangles since the first post, and love what you've done with them. I appreciate how you've shared the process with us, to the point that I've stashed all the relevant posts in a file to serve as inspiration, because I want a Fruit Loops of my own!