Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Birds. Birds, Birds!

I am always so excited to see what my students make when I teach a class. They always seem to do things I hadn't thought of, and I really love it when they take my ideas as inspiration, and then just go to town and let their creativity run wild. They always have so much fun, and are so happy.  It's quite a rush, and makes me feel so good.

My bird tutorial was released a little over a year ago, and it has succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. Sometimes quilters send photos and stories of the birds they have created using my tutorial. I love it when I get to see what they make. Here are a few examples.

these birds were made by Sheila

 Sheila writes:
"Your pattern is like trying a new recipe: I made it according to the instructions for the first bird, and then started playing with the ‘ingredients' using your written coaching and examples as prompts.  At that point the birds took on a life of their own, like the purple "model" with her intentional pink ‘lipstick’ beak! All were made from scraps in my stash, with more waiting in the wings (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little). 

For me the pattern is more a creative guide, and as a “no rules” quilter, that’s what’s addicting, as each bird’s size, shape and personality emerges. If folks prefer that each bird be an exact size and shape, that would be doable too. Methinks THAT is the best kind of pattern." 

This is Margaret's bird, Laurel

 Margaret struggles with geometry, and we exchanged several emails before she finally "got it." This is her bird "Laurel." She is planning to make a shorter, fatter, "Hardy" to go with him. (Start with a bigger triangle, I told her.)

These are Chris's birds.
Chris made about 50 birds, planning to make her granddaughter a quilt. She included some baby birds at her granddaughter's request. These are so glorious, so bright and fun. Her mix of fabrics is cheerful and unexpected.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree that your students make some TERRIFIC birds!!