Monday, August 7, 2017

Batch Binding

When you have to make bindings for four quilts, it's best to work smarter, not harder. So after I cut all my strips, I gathered my tools and moved to the living room to do the next steps while I "watched" TV. (guilty pleasure: Pit Bulls & Parolees on the Animal Planet).

 I have a small scrap of cutting mat that fits on my lap desk, so I was able to trim the strip ends straight, draw the 45 degree angle, and then pin it to the next strip. Then I moved on to the next strip of fabric.

I moved the strip to the stack of pinned pieces on my left and kept going.

Then I sewed all the seams, one after the other,

pulled the pins and trimmed the corner.

Next I moved to the ironing table, pressed the seams open.

Then folded the strip lengthwise and pressed them all.

From the left, bindings for Jewel Box (medium colored diamonds), Terrazzo (black and white slashed squares), Easter Basket (tumblers), and Snow Day (scrap slab triangles).


Nancy J said...

Wow, production line in a very smart way.

Dorothy Finley said...

Since I like to have my bindings match the edge of the quilt (or contrast in order to "frame" the quilt)I do my bindings as I am finishing the top. Then roll them up and label them with the quilt name, and store them in a container so they are ready to go with the quilt when it comes back from the longarmer. No more searching for the fabric I "knew" I wanted to use for the binding. And also will do mine in the same "production line" manner. Makes life simpler :-)

Tish said...

I roll my pressed binding strip around an empty toilet roll tube - and it then just unwinds off the roll as I sew it on - keeps it tidy and I find it easier than a clip. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Fun binding fabrics! Looking forward to seeing them on the quilts as you get them finished.

phann son said...

Linda, it's a couch quilt. The quilting has no other requirement than to hold the layers together and look pretty. It does all that and I am happy with it.