Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Progress on Dark Majesty

My pal Julie comes up with THE BEST quilt names ever. It was she who came up with "Dark Majesty" and so it will be!

I've been tinkering since I finished the four patch diamonds. I want this quilt to be wider than the others so I have been cutting extra pieces. I think I will make it bigger as I start sewing it together - which won't be for another few days as I have been very busy lately, and the house just got to Critical Mess, and I have so much fabric strewn around the studio I have to stop and clean that up so I can get my bearings and work on this beauty.

This layout of colors and fabrics is by no means final, but I am very happy I persevered with this idea.

And just so you know the genesis of this quilt, here is the first version I made in October of 2015 for my niece:

And here is the second one I did just last month:


Brown Family said...

I love all three!

Nancy J said...

Every one has beauty galore!!!

Pat said...

You are definitely moving to the dark side. lol I like all three.
Love your term "critical mess". I think I passed that several days ago.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks for the great compliment! I never diubted you could make this one sing.