Thursday, June 22, 2017

Not Big Enough

I love to bake. I generally bake something every weekend. Sometimes I need chocolate. I made Melissa Clark's Coconut Fudge Brownies from her book Cook This Now the other day.

They were delicious. How Good? My Mom asked for a two pieces, one for herself and the other for her husband. So I gave her a couple of pieces.

A little later she calls me.

"Lynne. Those brownies."


"Not. Big. Enough."

I laughed.

"SERIOUSLY," she said, "You're gonna bring these to work tomorrow and everybody is gonna say they same thing."

My Mom was right. I did bring them to work (because I couldn't eat them all myself), and sure enough, they evaporated quickly. My pals agreed with my Mom, they were definitely not big enough. (Most came back for seconds and thirds.) I'll make these again, that's for sure.

I'm still working on the Dark Majesty quilt, but I finally cleaned the house. I did all the vacuuming, I cleaned the bathrooms, and paid the bills. I deserved those brownies.


Nancy J said...

haha!!! I did double batches of all baking last Sunday, ready to send it off to grandson at University. Phoned, and he said" Maybe just half of what you usually send, please Nanny, as I go home for the hols soon" So guess what, his Mum, our older daughter, was sent a huge surprise package in the mail. Just 6 pieces of fudge left here. yes, make some more of your yummy slice.

Mari said...

Brownies cure a lot of ills. Sounds like you really deserved them, but how do you stand to turn the oven on in the summer? :) They must really be worth it!