Saturday, June 24, 2017

Neon at Night

My son saw a photo of this quilt and thought it looked like city lights at night, and suggested I call it Night Lights, but all I could think of was the night light in the bathroom so I told him that was out.

Then he revised that thought and suggested "Neon Lights." It's apropos, I suppose, but I still like Julie's suggestion of Dark Majesty better.  Anyway, I'm sufficiently happy with it that I can begin sewing it together.

I am happy with the lower left part of this layout, so instead of starting from the corner, I decided to start sewing a long diagonal row together.

Go figure.

So, lah-di-dah. I'm sewing merrily along. I want this to be wider, and I guess I'll add to either side (or I could add a couple of diagonal rows to the right of the one I sewed in the top photo, but I haven't quite worked that out yet.

Oh well.

Good thing things like that don't freak me out much.


Nancy J said...

looking wonderful, " Majestic Lights"?? this way to sew up the rows, different from your norm.

Just Ducky said...

why not call it "City Lights"?

Cherie in St Louis said...

When you first added the solid colors, I thought, oh, Lite Bright! Oh, how I loved the glowing pegs ;-)

Millie said...

Cherie there are no solids. The little diamonds are blenders­čśŐ