Monday, May 15, 2017


This is my colleague, MJ. Last Friday she walked by and I stopped dead in my tracks. "MJ," I called after her, "come back!"

MJ is very quiet and unobtrusive, "Why? What for?" she asked, turning.

"I wanna take your picture! I love those colors you're wearing! "

"Don't show my face."

"Uh, OK."

So she turned, and brought her hands together. I took the photo above.

"So why do you want to take a picture of what I'm wearing? You never wear brown."

"No, but I tell my blog readers that inspiration is all around them, and there's a beautiful quilt in the colors you're wearing."

Like I keep saying, Inspiration is everywhere around you. You just have to pay attention to see it.


Nancy J said...

That pale blue with a delicate tan, and a scarf with mottled darks, perfect combinations.

Jennifer said...

OH YES! robins egg blue, with brown, and a touch of giraffe? can't wiat!

Quiltdivajulie said...

As soon as I saw the photo pop up in my Bloglovin feed, I thought of Karma, Poolside and Oasis - the three HST quilts made with a very similar palette ( I agree - inspiration IS everywhere!!!

Just Ducky said...

I crocheted an afghan years ago with colors like dark chocolate, medium chocolate and then several blues.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You have a "vision" that I am trying to develop. I notice what I love, but don't always transfer it to potential "art" One thing for sure...I love what your friend is wearing!
xx, Carol