Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fish, or Cut Bait

When what you're working on has lost it's Mojo, it's important to admit it, and move on. Fish, or cut bait, as they say.  Well, this wasn't fishing for me.

and neither was the other version, with the blues and the colors reversed. Just didn't paddle my canoe.

And this didn't lift my skirt.

This didn't cut the mustard.

This isn't half bad, but ultimately none of them interest me. I like contrast, and this just doesn't have it. I like the idea of working within a strict set of rules: 1. Scrappy Triangles, 2. Black and White side triangles. The challenge is to push this idea around as far as it can go. I think this can go farther, but this particular version was never conceived to be only light blue. So I'll be making more scrap slabs and cutting them into triangles and trying again.

I'll see where my whimsy takes me.


Nancy J said...

This one and that one and the other, I like each one, with its own merits. But then, I REALLY like blues.

Megan said...

So, you ran it up the flagpole, and no one saluted? (Or, more importantly, YOU didn't feel like saluting! LOL)

I do like the last one.

Sydney, Australia

Just Ducky said...


Nancypatt said...

I have to admit, I'm bored with all of these!

The Selvage Fairy said...

Ploughing on in hopes of falling back in love is the only way to go...said nobody ever.

In the first picture (colored diamonds and big blue stars), I noticed something. The bottom half of the picture has quieter black and whites, and I like it better. The top half seems really noisy, and it drown out the blues.

Probably just me.

I'm sure there are lots of quilts you will love in your crumble bins just waiting to be discovered.