Sunday, October 30, 2016

Red Around

Now that my sewing machine is back, I can get some real work done. I've made the binding for the pink baby quilt and the bright slashed squares quilt, and I'll show those in the next couple of days.

I also added a 2-1/2" strip of various red fabrics around the perimeter of the Peppermint Candy quilt. I think it really finishes it off nicely. I cut the red strips about half a WOF and joined them at an angle. I started at one side and worked my way around the quilt, so the different colors rotate and look continuous.

This red border does a couple of other things, though. It stabilizes the blocks that have bias edges along the outside of the quilt and allows me a bit of leeway when it comes time to trim the quilt after it gets quilted. I didn't use any of the really "busy" prints along this edge, because I didn't want to draw the eye to this outer border. I also did not use the fabric I intend to use as a binding, because I want that to be separate.


I've added another "page" to my blog. You can see the links just under the header. The new one is called "Details & More Organizational Stuff" and it is meant to be a place where you can find specific information about the tools I use. Information is there about my sewing machine, cutting table, the pins and irons I use and the thread I prefer.

I've also added photos to the Inspirations page, added links to the Friends and Good Stories pages and added the Mini Slashed Squares tutorial to the Tutorials page.

I've also added a link to a post about my stash and why I buy the fabric I buy to the Inspirations page. This should probably be in the details section, but for now it's staying where it is.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have two things I can't wait to blog about, and one of them has absolutely NOTHING to do with making quilts. (Neither of them is about my granddaughter.) But those will have to wait until later next week.


Dorothy Finley said...

I have loved this from the first time you showed it--when it was in bits and pieces :-) And now that it is finished, I love it even more. I still think of it as a "modern snails trail". Will you be doing a pattern for it ?? Please Purrty Please :-)

Judy in Michigan said...

I like your new pages!!

Ann said...

Red and white! Yum.
Thanks for the reminder to update my pages, too.