Friday, October 28, 2016

Backing for Black & White Slashed Squares

I had a lot of different black and white fabrics to sew together to make the backing of the Black and White Slashed Squares quilt, but I wanted to use them in an interesting way. I just didn't know what that was. So I waited. I don't just dive in and start sewing. I figured an idea would come to me.

But I can't JUST wait. It's important to THINK, and to look around to try to find inspiration somewhere. I found it, and it wasn't where I expected to find it, which is why it's so important to look at everything.

I found my inspiration in my own tutorial for the Slashed Squares, in the last photo of the back of the quilt, when I wrote, "Give yourself bonus points if you make a giant block on the back of the quilt."

I thought, well, I don't want to make something THAT BIG, but it gave me an idea. What if I made a few large blocks and ran them down the middle of the back of the quilt, and then surrounded it with the extra black and white fabrics I have? So I started playing, and you can see that in the first photo at the top of this post.

This is the first of three blocks I designed. These will be 28" square when they are finished. They are just pieces on the design wall because my sewing machine is still at the "spa." ARGH! I really want to sew these together!!!

 The smallest square in the block above is 4-1/2" square.

 This is the third block.

Here are some of the small blocks I made lined up next to these big blocks. I may use them in the backing too. (And yes, I changed that stripe in the 3rd block)

I really miss my sewing machine. I called the "spa" yesterday, and they have been very busy. Apparently there was some remodeling going on in the shop, and they had to move everything two shops over, then move it all back two days later. And then find everything. Anyway, my machine is "next up on the bench" so by the end of today I should have a better idea of when it will be coming home.

It's a good thing. I have run out of projects that need a sewing machine, and I can't avoid this any longer.


Megan said...

Look fabulous. Great selection of black and white fabrics.

Sydney, Australia

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I love what you're doing for the backing, you always have such gorgeous fabrics. Here's hoping your sewing machine comes home soon!

Quiltdivajulie said...

AH - the scrap clean up pile (a/k/a buried treasure dig). My machine was away for almost a week and there was only one simple part needed. Hope they get yours humming and home soon!! (Love that black and white back plan).

Frog Quilter said...

Sounds like you need another machine. I think I would have nightmares if I only had one machine. I have spares of everything and some more.

Sewgirl said...

I was thinking the same thing as Frog Quilter...have you ever considered a back up machine? I made the investment about 7 years ago and haven't looked DH thought I would sell the "old" machine when I upgraded, but I said, Are you kidding? Now I have a back up and can use it for classes....just my 2 cents worth!!

BTW, love the backing.

Millie said...

A backup machine is in the works. Thanks for the nudge, ladies!

Sue SS said...

Love what you are planning and I have a question about the mat shown on your "fabric" table. Do you cut on it? I ask because I have a similar one (which I do not have out because I need more space) and I read that since it is not a self healing mat, it can dull my rotary cutter. I love the size of it and look forward to the day when I can open it up on a large table. I also note your clamps holding it in place. I wondered about that because mine is very hard to straighten out.

abelian said...

My favorite bit in this whole post is: "But I can't JUST wait. It's important to THINK . . ." Most of my UFOs are the result of waiting without also thinking!