Friday, September 16, 2016

Red All Over

I've been sewing the last piece to my red and white blocks, and since I couldn't wait, I had to put some up on the design wall to see what they might look like. Bear in mind these blocks haven't been trimmed, and I haven't put much effort into arranging the blocks by fabric.

This is the layout from the book. It just doesn't sing for me.

In this layout, alternate rows rotate. I think I like this best.

This is the same layout as the one above, just rotated ninety degrees.

In this layout all the blocks are lined up the same way.

I decided to tinker a bit, and played with these, above. The middle pair in the far left column should be rotated 90 degrees, but oh well. I am not sure about this one. Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to sew it up this way.

What comes next? Finishing the blocks, and trimming them. And then I'll worry about any layout.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

The second one down that you say you like best renminds me of a leg in stockings and pumps! Looks like can can dancers with red hose and pumps. Love it!