Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

It's Megan, from Sydney, Australia.

Yes, Megan from Sydney Australia! Megan who wrote the story of Albert Cosny, this bird:

I think Albert Cosny is more of a white-shoe kinda bird.

Hailing from Belle Fontaine, Alabama, Albie has made a name for himself in the jazz clubs of Mobile, Montgomery and Birmingham. Although he sings a number of Sinatra songs in his sets, he has styled himself more closely on Barry Manilow, inspired by the success of another crooner with a big nose (beak).

Albie has always enjoyed singing. He made his stage debut at the age of 5, when he was cast as the 4th angel to the right in the school nativity musical, written and directed by Mrs McKenzie, the school librarian. His career highlights include winning the Belle Fontaine Junior High School Talent Show at the age of 13 with a rendition of 'Release Me' and taking out first prize at the Montgomery Karaoke Kompetition in 1995, with a sensational performance of 'Unforgettable'. They say that most of the residents of Belle Fontaine made the trip to Montgomery to hear him that night, and if you while a way some time in the Belle Fontaine Diner on East Avenue, you can still hear folks talking about it on occasions.

Albie works as a call center operator for a major pet insurance company - "It pays the bills," he says. But the nights belong to his music. When he hasn't got a gig, you can sometimes catch him doing the odd midnight to dawn shift on radio station WABF 1120AM, where he soothes the insomniacs of southern Alabama by playing Engelbert Humperdinck, Bing Crosby and Tony Bennett. Rumour has it that if you listen very carefully, you might even catch Albie singing along.

 Yes, Megan is a writer, and she has been reading this and Millie's blog for over eight years. She's been a faithful commenter and we email each other quite a lot. When she wrote to me earlier this spring asking if we could get together when she visited the US in September, I said yes.

I asked Megan to choose one of my birds to keep. She picked this one.
She and her husband Michael had dinner together at my house and we talked and talked and looked at quilts. Then we tempted Millie with Kangaroo treats and talked some more.

It's always fun to meet my blog readers. It's more than special to meet someone from 10,070 miles away.

Thanks for a great evening Megan! It was so nice to meet the lady behind the comments.


Poppy Q said...

How nice for you guys to share a meal together and what a lovely bird Megan chose. The blogging world is full of great lovely people.

Julie and Poppy Q

Nancy J said...

Fantastic to meet in person. Megan's story was so wonderful, and her bird is a memory to take home.

Just Ducky said...

WOW where else in the US are they going to be!?

Mum met another cat blogger last week, she loves to put names and faces together.

Megan said...

Thank you so much Lynne for having Michael and me over for dinner, showing us your quilts 'in the flesh' and being so generous with your warmth, enthusiasm and friendship. It was a real honour, and I feel very blessed to be your friend.

normally, Sydney, Australia but currently in Manchester, NH

PS. And I acted on Lynne's long-standing enthusiasm and visited Quilted Threads, her favourite quilt shop, today. It is sensational! Make a visit whenever you're in the area - you will not be disappointed.

Quiltdivajulie said...

How completely WONDERFUL that the two of you (and Michael) were able to spend time together!! Fun, fun, FUN!

Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

My favorite part of technology, the internet, etc..., when people connect!

Jennifer said...

there are quilts EVERYWHERE!

Ann said...

What a treat to meet long-time friends from abroad.